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The Back Inside Back 40…Inches


Initially it was out of boredom. I wanted to see if the posts on Facebook, Garden from Kitchen Scraps, were true.

IMG_0010.JPG    Lettuce and green onions

IMG_0003 2.JPG  More Green Onions

I was between assignments and I had time to think. Why are organic vegetables so expensive? I am not at the Maui Wholefoods so why is a container of organic spring mix 5 bucks?

IMG_0007 3  Beginning Arugula

You have to be present you still have to make sure it has the correct balance, moisture, seeds ready to grow…It is a constant state of necessary renewal, it takes a lot of arugula to make a salad. It has a distinct taste.

IMG_0002  Arugula Gone Wild

I envision multiple boxes of salad leaves. I envision a few Aerogardens with tomatoes and peppers.

IMG_0006 3  Tomato and Jalapenos

Then I went to Lowe’s and even with all the seeds and then again at Walmart Superstore and how limited we were in all the vegetables available. The stores are dedicated to what sells when the largest section should be dedicated to produce, herbs, and fruits which I know are perishable. I remember the tomatoes and Chinese greens I raised a few years ago and wondered, could I bring this all to Oregon? Viet Nam and Middle East have peppers and spices I want to taste and cook with.

IMG_0009Basil All Day

IMG_0004Purple Basil

Then it became all about learning and being dedicated to self sustainment and preserving variety. So I rejoined Seed Savers. Saving Heirlooms One at a Time  There are such a variety of seeds that could help with immune health and arthritis that can be used to cleanse the GI tract, so much and available and less expensive than at Trader Joes or Whole Foods, and I won’t always have access to these spots. So now why do I grow? Because I am cheap but I like variety and I know I have to increase the green leafy in my life. The challenge Is to keep it going. I really don’t want to be dependent on the $8 a bunch merchants. I respect their ability to earn a living, but if I can do it myself, I will do it.