It’s Hard Being An MD

I spent 26 hours of a 34 hour period this past weekend, 6 hours driving to and from the location and the other 20 hours working at a pediatric urgent care in NC and…I am tired. I am tired of the 7000 steps to see an increasingly large volume of patients, and I am not all that efficient nor fast. I am tired of there never being another provider that will come help. I am tired of there not being any true Mee-Maws that can tell sick from not sick and not demanding kids have the go to the doctors because they developed a runny nose 1 hour ago. I am tired of system that promotes hypochondria, yes faking illness. I am tired of being so tired that going to my full time job, that I actually love, is a chore because I am so beat down. It is really sad you would prefer to be broke than work extra.

A ray of light was a cute little girl that I hadn’t seen since birth. In my position as an itinerant Pediatric Hospitalist and UC doc I never meet patients that I have cared for in the past. I never get to see the positive or negative impact. It was gratifying to see this beautiful kid and family, but I worry that my mental fatigue and whole body aching did not leave the most positive impression. I worry that this pace is not sustainable and I do NOT want to affect my current position over a part time position. Why I like my current position? I have the support of my colleagues, I have the tools to perform well including an easy to navigate EHR, EPIC in this case. They actually care that I live closer because 1 hour drive on 264 and 95 is hazardous to anyone’s health. They actually care. I don’t get that feeling from my contract position, I just feel like a filler , and only contact I have is punitive.

My baseline is slightly salty, always sarcastic, sleep-deprived, and automatic default a skosh cranky. I try to avoid events and people that highlights those things. So why do it you may ask? It was for the pay, and the opportunity to be in Charlotte. But after taxes, the pay is not all that and I work so much and my drive is so far, I don’t get to enjoy Charlotte. So why exactly am I doing this? Dunno. Will I be doing this going forward? Nope.

My Personal Statement…on my own terms

I was recently asked randomly to connect with someone on LinkedIn so he could cruise my content, for free, to get ideas he could present in his paid speaking engagements. Let’s see Nertz to that! I have had people connect with me again on LinkedIn and clone my profile. I have had unscrupulous recruiters download my resume and use it to get contracts on positions and to hound me for ideas that they capitalize on, all for free. I am not given credit, nor am I paid for what I am worth. My ideas and time are valuable, you better recognize! But, I wanted to share my personal statement I used and gained placement to the Healthcare Informatics program at University of San Diego.


Felicia’s Personal Statement

It has been approximately 26 years since I have been asked to write a personal statement and to do it in 500 words no less, so here we go. This will be my 3rd graduate degree I will pursue and complete, and my story is almost 3 decades in the making. Let’s take a moment to review the highlights of my experience and skills. I greet change and uncertainty as a call to action to innovate and rebrand if necessary. I have done this across my career as a provider and the CEO of my own company, Dale’s Angels Inc. I describe myself as a tech geek, pediatrician entrepreneur who thinks in systems or what can be added to provide efficiencies as well as cost savings.  I would love to see the next big thing in technology from the use of Surface 4 Pro, Virtual Reality, and Google Glass applications in healthcare delivery, safety, compliance, research, and Revenue Cycle Improvement. I believe with optimal usage of big data from these platforms healthcare will be transformed. I also believe there are many untapped business opportunities that should be explored.

 This degree will only add to my credibility as a healthcare consultant or Health Care Information Systems Executive. I understand the importance of aligning corporate strategic roadmaps and those of various technologic platforms that will yield safe patient care and at the same time yield profits. The combination of current clinical and business experience will make me immediately credible as I interact with healthcare system C suite officials, IT executives, and clinicians. I possess the exceptional interpersonal skills necessary to develop relationships with all levels of leadership in an organization and pride myself on my ability to facilitate open and robust dialogue between those levels.

 “Absolute Workaholic” describes my approach to any task.  I plan to remain medically relevant by continuing to practice eventually on a part-time basis and maintaining my board certification in both Pediatrics and Informatics. My most recent leadership experience in Health Information Technology gives me a distinct advantage and a unique perspective across a multitude of Acute and Outpatient platforms as well as being the Project Lead and Project Manager for the EHR Applications. I am the “Doctor Whisper” , I can translate tech speak, to standards of care automation and returns on investment to the C suite for the enterprise. I have actively participated in several think tanks, panel discussions, and discovery calls as it pertains to IDNs and Value Based Healthcare Delivery to vendor selection for an Urgent Care. I am fully versed in the dynamic regulatory environment, both state and national, and how that will affect our ability to practice and be properly reimbursed for what we do. I think information to providers, payers, and the C suite should be accessible and presented, in a pleasing manner, the issues, from regulatory to work life balance.

4 Steps T Write the Personal Statement

  • Stick to the number of words requested
  • Do not depend on spell check solely for proof reading
  • Give specific examples of your work in the area and what makes you unique
  • End with why you should be hired

I share these words of wisdom with hopes that it will help someone write their own statement. Please don’t plagiarize.


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If you like what you have read and want to support the ongoing efforts please donate. Any dollar amount will show your support! Thanks in advance for your contribution!


Support for the Site

If you like what you have read and want to support the ongoing efforts please donate. Any dollar amount will show your support! Thanks in advance for your contribution!


Support for the Site

If you like what you have read and want to support the ongoing efforts please donate. Any dollar amount will show your support! Thanks in advance for your contribution!


Brief Comments on Anxiety and Vitamin Deficiencies

I sit in my RV contemplating my escape from this God awful dreary wet place. I’ve dumped almost 2 cups of water out of my humidifier in the past 24 hours. I placed a heavy duty Ralph Lauren bath towel in the floor of my pickup truck, only to remove it moments ago dripping wet with water that I believe is condensation or just secondary to fit a foot of rain that has fallen in the last two days in this place. I apologize for repeating the same complaints that I’ve had for the past eight months but I couldn’t resist after having a discussion with the nursing staff on labor and delivery the previous night.

But we remarked on how many women, in particular pregnant women, are on anti-anxiety medications or have the diagnoses of anxiety disorder. I conjecture that secondary to almost 200 days of rain, poor diet, and financial and other environmental stresses this is led to a entire generation of people that live in Oregon that are anxious, pensive, and downright crazy. One of the things that can lead to chronic anxiety and depression is dealing with chronic pain which I link right back to vitamin D deficiency as well as other fat-soluble vitamins and trace element deficiencies. Even though we are the fattest generation on record we still are in a state of malnourishment because even though we eat a lot we are not eating the correct proportion of things that can supply our bodies with the balance amount of vitamins including fat-soluble vitamins as well as the associated trace elements. And in fact vitamin D deficiency is directly linked with chronic pain,  high blood pressure, heart disease,  osteoporosis in an adult person, rickets in children,and poor pregnancy outcome to name a few.  Vitamin Deficiency on Pinterest

My suggestions are simple

  1. Better balanced meals, decrease exposure to hormone and antibiotic treated processed foods.
  2. Get outside, yoga, walk, bicycle in sun…this rainy nonsense is not the answer, suggest mass exodus to Hawaii, southern CA, Florida, Gulf Coast of TX.
  3. If you have to stay in Oregon, and are stuck inside, turn on all lights and make sure you move around while at home.
  4. Nl range> 25 ng/ml. Treatment of Vitamin D deficiency: children and adults generally require 600-2000 IU of vitamin D daily. A “loading dose” (eg, 50,000 IU of vitamin D orally once weekly for 2-3 months, or 3 times weekly for 1 month).I’m taking the high road and high tailing it out of here. But I do take my Vitamin D 1000 iu daily Vitamin D Gummiesas part of a multi-vitamin regimen that you can purchase from Amazon and and get them all in 1 day…Felicia’s Vitamin List Link:

I want to sit outside and enjoy the breeze without getting rained on…just 12 days and counting to get to here…

Me in the sun